S.E. Carson’s earliest dreams consisted of two things: becoming a gold medal gymnast and a writer. Once she reached 5’7” and realized she preferred sports where you could actually hit someone, Carson fell in love with the game of soccer beyond anything else. And, after 10 years of practice, games, and happily spending hours and hours in her backyard kicking a soccer ball against a wall, she was recruited to play Division I at a few universities. However, having struggled with depression since before she was 10 and an eating disorder since she was 15, her health had suffered too much and Carson stopped playing during her senior year of high school. A few years later, she was suddenly bedridden for two years, incapacitated with what would later be diagnosed as POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome), a form of Dysautonomia.

After a long fight to get her life back from both her eating disorder and dysautonomia, Carson was able to rediscover (and, in many cases, discover for the first time) herself and what she was passionate about. Having had a void in her life since losing football, she realized her other earliest dream remained—to be a writer.

Carson typically hangs out in the ridiculously beautiful Rocky Mountains or next to the Atlantic with her two fluffy angel-dogs. When she isn't writing, or procrastinating on writing, she is usually playing footy, cheering on Liverpool FC, knitting, snowboarding, taking pictures, laughing freakishly loudly, romping with her puppies, or taking long and glorious naps.

On an unrelated yet, quite possibly, still important note: S.E. Carson is Irish, can say the alphabet backwards, dances while making dinner, is ridiculously terrified of snakes, and is happily convinced her life might just be a single, long I Love Lucy episode. One of her proudest moments was when a child mistook her for a very tall leprechaun.