#thx4support 2015

Last year I wrote a blog post on how Thanksgiving looks different from then (in the throes of an ed) and now (in recovery).

It was a reflective blog I was quite fond of -- one of those that revealed as much to myself, if not more, than to anyone else as I wrote it. My sentiments from then are still the same in that I am beyond thankful for all the family, friends (in life and on line), and puppy dogs who fill me up daily. Not to mention all the passions and loves I've discovered and been consumed by; I, more than by anyone or anything else, had to be filled up by my own doing.

This point of recovery is possible. However, this will be my first Thanksgiving after moving across the county from my family and friends and, just like on any other day, recovery requires maintenance. There are no promises I will remain this centered and this fact has led me to reflect on something else I discovered last Thanksgiving: #thx4support

The internet can be a dark place, especially as of late. Through #thx4suppory I 'met' and conversed with some amazing people last year. It was a little nook of the internet where we came together and supported one another. Empathizing with what were going through and feeling, these complete strangers helping complete strangers with common experiences and common goals. I think this is vital in many areas these days, but especially with eating disorders and disordered eating which thrive on silence, exclusion, and solitude.

In short, #thx4support is a lot of what I hope the internet can be about -- especially when it comes to creating a safe place to promote recovery, healthy body image, and healthy relationships with food. And I am thrilled to see that it is, again, happening this year. Because the more our voices join together, the harder it will be for that voice to speak over us.

I am thankful for you all.



(#thx4support will be facilitated by @adiosbarbie, as well as other fantastic twitter accounts (see below)!)

 (image borrowed from @adiosbarbie)

(image borrowed from @adiosbarbie)