Chapter Qué?

Hello kind, single reader! It's been a while since I sat down to blog and, though I'm not one of those who regularly schedules writing (Type Bs hollah!), I started to miss it. If only, really, because what once scared me has become a kind of gift -- and by that I mean connecting with people. (I KNOW RIGHT?!)

So, it's been a crazy summer for me. My little family and I moved across the country in May and bounced around until we found our beautiful house in July. Since then, I've been trying to balance unpacking, meeting new people (I could have endless blog posts on that topic!), and adjusting to the sticky bitch that is humidity.

It's been stressful at times -- mainly because I have two awesome pups and their world was chaos and insecurity for a while and Mr. S.E. and I felt badly about that. Oh gosh, not to mention the 24 hour drive across the country with them which was so goofy and crazy I can't help but laugh thinking about it. No body peed or pooped or puked in the car (I know you were wondering...), but it was most certainly an adventure.

Which all of this has been, really -- an adventure. I've been lucky to have only really seen it as such. I miss my family and my friends, teaching and my home state, but there is a truth when people say you can move somewhere and start a new chapter. And I've been trying to do just that... just as long as I can take a few important people along with me in my heart, and you all are still here, hiding behind my computer as I go. :)