Just Sarah (Addendum)

The other day I wrote about having to tell a potential new friend I couldn't go on a 6 mile hike because of my health and how, for whatever reason, that was really difficult for me to do. I knew it was a passing emotion and usually I probably would have found excuses for it and what not. But I felt it and I honored that so gold star!

However, a couple dear friends reminded me of something very important:

Everyone has limitations. They are all different. Some may be obvious, some aren't. Some maybe persistent while others may change. And while, yes, limitations due to chronic illness are tough and unique, that doesn't change the fact that everyone struggles against his/her own self in some way or another.

So, I'm glad I was open (#Honesty2016, y'all!) because I realized that sometimes I focus so much on explaining what life with chronic illness can be like that I forget how we're all still a lot the same.

And, also, what else could make me feel more like Just Sarah than good friends. <3

"Each has their sufferings." <3