Blog Series: Things I Can Control That Help Me Feel Not-Sucky (Dysautonomia Edition)

So, I'm sitting here at my kitchen counter, waiting for my dinner to cook, trying to think of what has helped me so that I am no longer completely incapacitated and sleeping for 20 hours a day. (That was a pretty horrible few years which, I'm sure, will have a number of ranty, cursing blog entries dedicated to it. But, for now, I figure focusing on what has helped me get better is a good place to start. :P)

There are a lot of things I can't control that affect my body and how I feel (like the weather, etc), which is extremely difficult for me to handle. I am, and hundreds of other POTSies I've talked to seem to be, "fixers". Always active and working toward something. So, naturally it drives us nuts when it feels like we can't "do" or "fix". But one of the biggest things that has helped me has been letting go of what I can't control and focusing on what I can. (Sometimes, though, I have to accept that all I can really "do" is rest.)

Anyway, I've decided to make a neat neat blog series called "Things I Can Control That Help Me Feel Not-Sucky" or TICCTHMFNS! Here's what I have so far *rubs hands together*:

1. Stress and Thought Management (Onsies and Twosies)
2. Going Gluten-Free
3. Chiropractic Care
4. Sleep/Eating Schedules ("remembering to take my meds" and "drinking ridiculous amounts of water" fall under this category)
5. Exercising (Part 1)

Now, these are all BIG changes in, and of, themselves. So I've needed to be understanding with myself. I also need to be extremely patient (which I'm not) because sometimes it feels these things have to be lined-up mother-f'ing perfectly before the gateway of "HAHA, KISS MY BUTT DYSAUTONOMIA" opens up. But I have had a couple days where these things have aligned and, let me tell you, it is beautiful. And possible. So stick with it, figure out what things work for you, and we can keep working toward them together. I will add to this list as/if necessary. But, in the meantime, I'll be working on my first entry for TICCTHMFNS: The Stress/Thought Chapter.

It will be a big one that might hurt my brain a little bit. But that's OK, you guys can just send me cookies or something. ;) -S