Fashion Dense (Part I)

For a long time, I've been considering a blog series called "Fashion Dense" (as opposed to Fashion Sense... HAHA see what I did there?....) This idea has been rolling around in my head for a number of reasons which I will sum-up in lovely bullet points below:

1. I have always been a tomboy and never really cared about "fashion", per say.
2. As I struggled with my eating disorder, I didn't think I deserved to wear nice things, and I was paranoid about how I would come across if I was always "gussied up" and such. I would've rather appeared as if I wasn't trying at all than as if I was trying too hard.
3. Clothes shopping isn't super fun for me for a lot of different reasons. Most poignantly, because -- as someone who as struggled with an eating disorder, body image, etc. -- it can be pretty damn horrifying.
4. I don't know jack about how to look presentable/like an adult/woman and that makes me pretty self-conscious; I worry that I'll dress like a 12 year old for the rest of my life.
5. Spending money on myself is nearly impossible for me to do.

As I was thinking about these reasons (I'm sure there are a lot more I will soon discover), I figured there might be a lot of other people with the same issues/concerns... especially if they have struggled with an eating disorder in the past. But, really, I think lots of people avoid shopping regardless of whether they've had an eating disorder.

Me, shopping for clothing

Me, shopping for clothing

Thus, "Fashion Dense" was born. Because aren't things more fun if you can find a way to laugh about it? And I figure trying to find my way through clothes/fashion/understanding my own style just has to be chock full of hilarity. Plus, I figured it would better help me deal with the process if ya'll were tagging along with me. :)

So, in summation, please to stick around. Because, if you're like me (see picture above) it might just make us both feel better about things in the long run. :)

- S