Why I (someone who has recovered from anorexia) Sometimes Tweet About Food

I understand that food is a difficult topic for many people in many different ways.

I also understand that all two of you who read my meanderings (;P) may struggle/have struggled with an eating disorder like I once did.

It took me a very long time to get a healthy relationship with food. Which, I think, is hard for the majority of people out there (regardless of whether they've had an eating disorder), because we are constantly surrounded by unhealthy messages. During my recovery, I remember reading somewhere that the majority of people who have truly healthy approaches to food had an eating disorder at one time. And, as I think about this now, I wonder if it is because we're more aware of how even the "little", "normal" thoughts that "everyone has" aren't entirely healthy.

I babble about a lot of different things on Twitter and my blog and, for a long while, I thought that maybe talking about food was a bad idea. The last thing I want to do is make anyone uncomfortable or trigger anyone. But, as time went on, I realized that -- instead of being damaging -- my new appreciation and relationship with food could possibly be helpful. I've noticed there aren't tons of healthy examples out there -- even a lot of the ones that appear 'good' seem to have caveats/underlying implications attached to them ("cheat days", etc).

This, of course, isn't to say I'm any sort of expert about food and eating and all the goodness that encompasses it. I am not a doctor, I do not have schooling in anything relative to this, I don't know a lot about nutrition and etc. etc., but I DO have an RFA (Recovered From Anorexia) Degree. And, thankfully, it has been a very long time since I've felt that food... any food... is my enemy. There have been many days where I sit down and enjoy a yummy meal and I cannot help but be thankful to not only be able to eat it, but to also enjoy it. To appreciate it.

What I'm trying to say is, the comfort of people I interact with/those of you who may be lurking and reading/etc. is very important to me. And I sincerely hope my jabbering about food-deliciousness doesn't make anyone ill at ease. That is far from my intent. But, if I am not open about this part of my life -- food in a post-eating disorder world -- couldn't that be a disservice? To you all and -- now that I think about it -- to myself, too?

Maybe this could just be another way to get a dialogue going.
Maybe this could just be another way we can honor ourselves.

Much love,

Sidenote: I am gluten-free because gluten affects my system (which you can read about here), but I don't focus on "eating this way" or "eating this way".  It is not a diet by any means, because I do not believe in diets.